The Loud Couture

We had the chance to speak to fashion and lifestyle blogger Tamara Cueve from  ‘The Loud Couture’ she is a Munich based beauty whose blog is a place where her fashion obsession runs free, read what Tamara had to say about why she started her blog and of-course whose wardrobe she would raid in a heartbeat…

What’s one styling trick you learnt as a blogger? Experimentation! Never let rules contain your vision of fashion – do your own thing, use the items you love and you’ll be happy with your style and yourself.


What’s your daily go-to outfit? As a full-time student I love straight and comfy looks. My favourite one is currently a ripped boyfriend jeans, a casual stripes shirt and my oh-so-beloved espadrilles – not to forget some big and mirrored sunnies.

Why did you start blogging? The reason I started blogging was the desire to share and discuss the passion and love we have for fashion – this was the fundamental idea of starting my own blog. Additional to this, I as a “Fashion Management” student, thought it would be great to acquire practical experience and to get to know more people from the same trade.


 What’s your favourite Summer trend? Definitely colour – the more, the better!

If you could raid anyone’s wardrobe, who’s would it be? Rachel Zoe is my number one when it comes to style-icons. I absolutely loved her Boho-Chic in 2006 and let myself inspire a lot by her combinations of vintage pieces, classic items and designer clothing. Yes, please – give me her wardrobe!


 What made you pick the pink prom dress to style? It just caught me! This cute baby pink and the bow on the back let my inner girl cry for it and so I had no choice than picking this treasure – and I’m absolutely happy with it!

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