The Great Christmas Party Etiquette Guide

The great Christmas party etiquette guide.. got a Christmas party in the pipeline? With seasonal festivities getting into full swing, it’s fair to say that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and here at LM HQ we are all super-excited! Ahead of our Christmas party prep we have caught up with our friend, self-help and relationship expert, Dr Pam Spurr to get the low-down on party season etiquette and ensure that your festive soirees go without a hitch, after all no one wants to wake up red-faced after a few too many Christmas cocktails! Girls, it’s time to take note..

By self-help and relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr, on Twitter @drpamspurr  and online

As Christmas party season approaches many get a feeling of dread. All you want to do is have fun but you’re haunted by nightmare experiences of Christmases-past.

The time you had to do the walk-of-shame in the office the next day. Or when you babbled at that cute guy because you were so nervous. The list for possible seasonal-shambles is endless.

But armed with top tips you can sparkle like a glass of festive fizz.

Here Are 10 Top Tips to Get You Through:

*Be prepared – No good rushing home from work to slip on your favourite frock only to find, e.g., it’s stained or wrinkled. Sort your Christmas party wardrobe so it’s ready to wear and you don’t arrive at a ‘do’ stressed out.

* Attitude, attitude, attitude – Tell yourself you’re no good at small talk and guess what? You won’t be. Bag a confident attitude. Think of three things you can talk about at parties – the latest film you’ve scene, music you’re loving, and favourite telly. Easy topics put others at their ease.

*Your party piece – Think carefully about doing the ‘party piece’ you do with friends at Christmas parties. Might seem a good idea to liven-up the office party with your drunken, table-top, rendition of Mariah Carey’s All I am Want For Christmas Is You. But you’ll be slinking shame-faced into work the next day.


*Know your limits – Enjoy a Christmas cocktail – or three. But if you know that a couple more drinks means the difference between maintaining dignity and proclaiming love for a colleague, keep count. Alternate with non-alcoholic drinks.

* Christmas courage – You’ve fancied that guy in marketing all year. You decide the Christmas party’s the make-or-break time to make a move. Scratch that! If you’ve had too many drinks (tip above) it can come out all wrong. Instead have a festive flirt with him. But also show what a good time you have with all your colleagues – a very attractive trait.

*Office gossip – Trust me, potential, post-Christmas party gossip isn’t pretty. Colleagues will gossip as much as your slightly bitchy, old aunt Jane. They’ll be scathing about your behaviour because it detracts from anything they got up to.

*The walk of shame – You really don’t want to arrive at work in your party-gear from the night-before (gossip will ensue, as above!). But if it might happen – maybe because you know someone you really fancy’s going to the same party – pack a change of top and your work-flats. Slip into them before getting to the office. If there are any suspicions, front it out with workmates with a cheerful, confident attitude.

*Charming’ the boss – Don’t assume the relaxed atmosphere at the Christmas party’s the perfect time to schmooze your boss. No! It looks obvious plus the whole point of the party is to relax. They don’t want to feel you’re pressuring for a promotion when all they want is to have fun.

*Festive freebies – So the management put on a great spread and a free bar to boot – bonus. Don’t be the one who constantly refills their plate, pockets all the Christmas goodies, and drinks like there’s no tomorrow. It will be noticed.

*Dancing the night away – The DJ’s come on and you can’t wait to hit the dancefloor. Enjoy! But save your moves that look like you’ve taken lap-dancing lessons, for clubbing with your friends.

Pam’s book on emotional eating – super useful for the Christmas season – is here:

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