Athleisure Hair: What’s Your Style?

If spending hours crimping and curling your hair is not what your life is about, then this is the hair trend for you. Looking like you’ve just finished a cardio workout at the gym (even when you haven’t) now has its perks, thanks to Athleisure hair.


Messy bun 

Just like the clothing trend, this look is great for tricking others into thinking you work out every day. So behold, the messy bun. A quick up-do that requires minimal effort, it’s a life-saver when time is of the essence.


Super-high ponytail

The slicked-back ponytail is the perfect way to get a little lift – without going under the knife. Fastened neat and super-high on the head, it’s a high-fashion statement you can easily do at home. Sporty Spice meets VB, it’ll save you heaps of prep time.


The segmented pony

If having your ponytail swish from side to side is enough to drive you mad, tame your locks with this handy segmented number. For a look that’s low-key and on-trend, all you have to do is separate your pony into multiple equal parts using stretchy hair grips.


Space Buns

For this look, think Princess Leia; just higher up on the head! A 21st century hair trend that has everyone in a twist; space buns master the convenience of the athleisure look, while still turning heads. Style with a centre parting and wrap-around plaits for maximum effect.


Root-to-tip braids

For a low-maintenance look that’s guaranteed to score you serious points, try root-to-tip braids. Single, or double-braided; the French plait has enjoyed a cult-like following as of late. Keeping your locks neat and under control throughout the day, it’s a problem-free hairstyle with a difference.

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