10 Signs That You're Addicted To Love Island

10 Signs That You're Addicted To Love Island

Cancel your social lives, stock up on the TV snacks and switch your phone to silent, Love Island season is well and truly underway.. Think you’re hooked? Take note, here’s our 10 tell-tale signs to spot if you’re addicted to Love Island..

You’ve genuinely enforced a speaking ban in your living room between the hours of 9-10pm and you’re not even slightly joking.

Saturday’s have now become the worst day of the week, we all love a weekly round-up but ultimately we need to know what’s going on in the villa RN!

You’ve started a ‘Love Island’ WhatsApp group for daily debriefs as soon as the credits roll with all of your fellow Islander fans.

You now follow all cast members on every social media platform and you’ve definitely had an in-depth stalk on each of them.

If at least one Love Island couple don’t get married and live happily ever after, you will never believe in love.

Before you’ve even made your morning coffee you have a daily debrief with your colleagues about last nights goss because priorities, there’s just so much to catch up on.

You know exactly who you’d couple up with. Even though jack is technically you type ‘on paper’ you’ve only got eyes for Adam..

You’ve suddenly become a relationship expert and know exactly where each of the couples are going wrong.

Your parents definitely think you’ve found a new group of friends because you mention Kendall, Dani, Eyal and Niall like literally all of the time.

It’s only just started but you’re already dreading the giant Love Island shaped hole that’s going to be left in your life when the Islanders eventually have to bid farewell to the villa.