Styled by Netflix – Bring your binge to life

Photo by Thibault Penin on Unsplash

Lockdown has changed the meaning of Netflix and chill. We’ve been binging like never before and our love for loungewear has skyrocketed as we get cosy and work from home. But as restrictions start to be lifted, it’s time for a wardrobe refresh whether we start going out to meet friends for brunch, head back to the office, or need some occasion dresses for a wedding that’s back on. So why not take fashion advice from our favourite Netflix shows of the past year?

What have we been watching?

We’ve always loved a cheeky Netflix binge, and never more so than in the past year. Whether it was Tiger King at the start of lockdown or hanging on to every bit of gossip from Lady Whistledown, we’ve been enamoured with not only the entertainment but the fashion as well.  

Out of the top 10 shows (based on search volume data in the past year), nine have inspired fashion queries for those of us who want to pay homage to our new fashion icons. But who was the fairest of them all?

ShowGenreRelease DateSearch VolumeFashion searches
Money Heist (Season 4)Drama3/4/20204090000N/A
Sex EducationComedy17/1/20203350000390
13 Reasons Why (Season 4)Drama5/6/2020224000050
The Crown (Season 4)Drama15/11/20202240000390
Outer BanksDrama15/4/20202240000880
The Umbrella AcademyDrama31/7/20201830000260
The Queen’s GambitDrama23/10/202018300002400
Emily in ParisDramedy2/10/202018300008100

Emily in Paris

No matter what you thought of the show, Emily was living out our Paris dreams wearing the cutest outfits we wish we could travel the world in (when things are back to normal). People were most interested in Emily’s dresses — the white dress alone gets the most search queries — along with her jogging outfit and her iconic pink coat. For those looking to include a little bit of Emily’s quirky and girly flair, we suggest adding these pieces to your wardrobe.

First off is this hot pink blazer and short trouser co-ord that blends one of Emily’s signature colours and is reminiscent of her black and white checked outfit. Or, if you’re looking to try out her stunning white dress (as many have searched for online), why not wear this you’ll love this white plunge mock wrap dress with dramatic puff sleeves. All that’s left is booking a flight to Paris!


After a Christmas where we couldn’t get together with family and friends to share the latest gossip and news from our lives (not that there was much going on for most of us in the past year!), Lady Whistledown came to the rescue to give us the latest in Regency London with an elegant 19th century backdrop. 

And it wasn’t just the steamy storylines and dreamy cast that kept our attention; the fashion had us hooked too, with many looking for Bridgerton style dresses and jewellery like this pearl and crystal headband.  

The easiest way to incorporate Bridgerton fashion into your wardrobe is with a classic neckline or romantic embellishments – like in this bridesmaid’s gown – for your next big occasion (hopefully by year’s end!). Or for a less fancy, but still elegant look, why not consider this romantic-styled blouse? It’s all about the little bits of drama and poise!

The Queen’s Gambit

Another period classic for a Netflix binge — seems like we’d all like to live in almost any other era — The Queen’s Gambit has made us want to insert a bit of 60s glam into our wardrobe. Beth Harmon’s pieces are great for work and will surely give your closet a sophisticated boost after a year of comfy loungewear. But that doesn’t mean we’re going stuffy!

Inspired by the checkered pieces on-screen, we’ve pulled a few pieces together like this Beth Harmon-style check midi skirt that will go well with a roll neck top or this stylish khaki check-print co-ord. Or pair some black gloves with a black and white check coat for more of that iconic crisp and sophisticated look.

The Crown

Every season of The Crown makes waves and the latest iteration was no exception, especially with the introduction of Princess Diana and her legendary fashion. This recent season has recreated some of her most iconic looks and made other lesser known styles just as popular. If you’re looking for tips on how to dress like Princess Diana, we have pulled together some recommended pieces.

If you’re after a simple style which you can don with your own pair of pink skates, check out these pink checked cigarette trousers. Or for one of Diana’s most elegant looks, we suggest this navy strappy dress which is sure to turn heads. And lastly, a look for the office that gives off the appearance of extra effort, but is nice and comfortable as well, this pink polka-dot dress will have you feeling pretty in pink like Diana in Australia. 


Riverdale has been a firm favourite for style inspiration since it premiered back in 2017. Each of us identify with any one of the female leads: Cheryl, Veronica, or Betty. But it seems that Cheryl Blossom is the most popular, with her looks dominating monthly searches for style inspiration, far outpacing that of any other Netflix-based character.

And who doesn’t love a bold pop of red lippy or a striking red ensemble like this sultry red gown inspired by Cheryl’s prom dress? Or if you identify as a dark Veronica, you might want to try this plaid dress inspired by Miss Lodge.  

After a year of binge-watching your favourite Netflix originals, it’s time to put all of that time to good use by investing in pieces to show off your sense of style with a little help from our new fashion icons. Who doesn’t want to show off when lockdown restrictions are lifted?

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