Bridesmaids must-haves in 2021

On 20 July, weddings are back on in the UK. Brides and grooms will no longer have to painstakingly cull their guest lists, allowing them to freely celebrate their love with all of their family and friends. This will also allow for brides and their bridesmaids to fully revel in one of the best parts of the special day: dressing up and looking glamorous. Looking at search trends and more, Little Mistress can reveal which trends will dominate UK weddings in 2021 including which bridesmaids dresses will be most popular. 

Off white and neutral bridesmaids dresses will dominate

Despite white being a famous no-go for weddings – aside from the bride, of course – off white tones will make quite an appearance in bridal parties this year. Neutrals, creams, and beiges will help create a minimalist, monochromatic look down, serving a simple and classy aesthetic to the big day. 

Since the government announced the lifting of restrictions in May, searches for bridesmaids dresses in neutral tones have dominated searches in the UK. However, there’s another colour scheme looking to take the top spot: jewel tones. Deep reds and dark greens also dominated searches – perhaps Bridgerton has inspired some more royal colours?

If you’re looking to jump on these trends we recommend this nude lace bardot number for a bit of romance or this red one-should maxi dress to channel a Grecian goddess vibe. 

In terms of bridesmaids dress styles, a few have been trending and gaining popularity in recent months including halter necks, mermaid and, most interestingly, multi-style dresses. 

With multi-style dresses, brides can make sure their bridal party feels comfortable and dressed according to their innate style and body type. Moreover, bridesmaids will be more likely to re-use their dresses in the future for other special occasions as the dress is made to fit them.

Au Naturel bridesmaids makeup

Speaking of neutrals dominating the colour scheme, bridal parties are also going for soft makeup looks for their bridesmaids. Searches for natural band soft bridesmaids makeup have gone up by 414% and 1200%, meaning brides are really leaning into the minimalism trend for their weddings. 

This isn’t that surprising after a year where most of us have left our normal makeup routines behind, and focused on skin and self care, taking advantage of our time in quarantine. From tinted moisturisers to leave our skin supple to soft eyeshadows and lip stains, the time of ultra contouring has faded away allowing “skinimalism” to shine–as well as our natural beauty. 

 After more than a year of delays and cancellations, weddings are back on for brides looking to share their special day with everyone, especially their bridal party. 2021 weddings are going to be classy affairs with a focus on a more laid-back, minimalist feel as evidenced by the trending styles. It’s about making sure everyone feels and looks their best while celebrating love. 

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