Cool-toned Bridesmaids Dresses are in for 2022

Whether you’re in the early phases of planning your wedding or getting to crunch time and looking for some last-minute inspiration for your bridal party, then Little Mistress has you covered with this year’s bridesmaids dresses and makeup trends you won’t want to miss out on. We’ve culled through Pinterest pins, TikTok and our own catalogue to highlight some of this year’s must-haves when walking friends down the aisle.

The Shapes (and hues) of Water

2022 is all about bringing to mind the serene colours of the sea. That also means playing with different textures like soft ruffles and ruching giving that calming movement of waves as your bridal party walks down the aisle. Below are some of our favourite bridesmaid looks to play on this trend in 2022.

Deep Ocean Blue

Navy and other deep blues look great on bridesmaids and add a level of sophistication to your overall wedding colour palette. It’s also a great backdrop colour if you want to go more wild with your wedding flowers and goes well with either dramatic or glittery glam makeup. We love the first dress with its romantic Bardot ruffle and flowy but fitted silhouette. The fishtail maxi dress is great to highlight your bridesmaids’ curves and give off a mermaid theme.

Real Teals and Turquoise

Teals and turquoise are looking popular for weddings this spring and we understand why. It’s full of vigour and represents renewal. It’s a great colour for spring weddings as you and your bridesmaids embark on this new phase of your friendships. A beautiful neutral makeup look (think more dewy than matte) and soft wavy hair allows the dress colour to really take centre stage–without overshadowing the bride, of course.

Waterlily and Moss

If 2021 was the year for mint green, then 2022 is the year of this even lighter shade of waterlily and we love it with ruffles. Its neutral and calming tone really makes your bridesmaids’ bouquets really stand out. We love how the ruffles look as they glide down the aisle especially with their hair loose and free. Go for a mauve makeup look with a matte lip for a full ethereal look. 

Luxe and Lavender

Pantone declared 2022 the year of Very Peri and if you dig the more violet undertones of the periwinkle, then lavender and lilac are your go-to hues for your 2022 wedding. We love how purple tones bring out a natural rosiness in many skin tones, making your bridesmaids glow as they walk down the aisle. As mentioned before, a mauve makeup look compliments these dresses really well–and are TikTok approved!

In 2022, brides are very much keeping it cool. In playing with different shades of blues and greens and purples, bridesmaids are bringing a level of calm and sophistication–the vibe that brides definitely want on their big day. It’s now time for everyone to channel their inner mermaids and just float down the aisle like watery princesses. For more bridesmaid dress inspiration make sure to check out our 2022 collection

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