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The Best Places to Elope Around the World

Planning for a wedding can be stressful. From finding the right dresses for yourself, bridesmaids, mum, and flower girl, to picking the venue, decorating, and arranging guests to avoid any additional drama, it can be exhausting. But getting married doesn’t have to be all of those things.  Whether because of so many postponements and disruptions or simply to make their own traditions, more couples are turning to elopements whether at home or abroad to keep things cool and intimate. In fact, searches for elopements have gone up by 16% in... Read More

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5 TikTok tricks for bridesmaids makeup

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of being a bridesmaid aside from the dress, is getting the makeup right on the big day. Whether you’re doing it yourself or getting it done professionally, it’s important to get some of the basics right and make sure that the look serves you as best as it can. After all, those photos are going to last forever and you don’t want them to haunt you. Little Mistress has culled through TikTok to bring you five of our favourite face-forward tips and tricks so... Read More


The Ultimate Sexiest Man

Valentine’s Day is a day for friendly love, romantic love, and most of all love of treats. At Little Mistress, we definitely have a sweet tooth which is why we decided to see what the UK’s and the world’s favourite eye candy would look like. Whether it’s who we envisioned marrying in a lavish Hollywood-approved wedding or a poster backdrop in our teenage rooms growing up, we all have had that quintessential celebrity crush.  Looking at popularity and searches around different celebrity heartthrobs that have been crowned PEOPLE’s “Sexiest Man... Read More

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The Most Successful Celebrity Wedding Dresses

We all love celebrity wedding spectacles. Whether we’re invested in the love story or are captivated by its sheer luxury and scale, we can’t help ogling over the price tags and fashion. But given the scale of these celebrity nuptials, we wanted to know which price tags have actually been worth it and have stood the test of time? We’ve analysed the most expensive celebrity weddings of all time to determine the most successful celebrity wedding dresses based on search interest, length of marriage and dress designers. Winning Wedding Dress... Read More

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Styled by Netflix – Bring your binge to life

Lockdown has changed the meaning of Netflix and chill. We’ve been binging like never before and our love for loungewear has skyrocketed as we get cosy and work from home. But as restrictions start to be lifted, it’s time for a wardrobe refresh whether we start going out to meet friends for brunch, head back to the office, or need some occasion dresses for a wedding that’s back on. So why not take fashion advice from our favourite Netflix shows of the past year? What have we been watching? We’ve... Read More

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Top Ten Mean Girls Quotes Because, It’s October 3rd..

Let’s be honest, quoting Mean Girls is nothing short of a national pastime; I mean, are you even a 90’s girl if you can’t recite the entire film back to front? Today, we are honouring our all-time fave iconic flick with a countdown of our top ten Mean Girls quotes because, October 3rd.. Time for a little nostalgia, FYI, you better be wearing pink.. So fetch On Wednesdays we wear pink  You can’t sit with us She doesn’t even go here   I’m a mouse, duh Is butter a carb? I’m... Read More

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10 Signs That You’re Addicted To Love Island

Cancel your social lives, stock up on the TV snacks and switch your phone to silent, Love Island season is well and truly underway.. Think you’re hooked? Take note, here’s our 10 tell-tale signs to spot if you’re addicted to Love Island.. You’ve genuinely enforced a speaking ban in your living room between the hours of 9-10pm and you’re not even slightly joking. Saturday’s have now become the worst day of the week, we all love a weekly round-up but ultimately we need to know what’s going on in the... Read More


Pitch up, look sharp

Festival season is here! So whatever the weather, whatever the festival; make sure your campsite wardrobe is fully stocked. From fluorescent sequinned kimonos to multi-coloured crochet bralets; check out our top festival picks! Iridescent sequin kimono No campsite closet is complete without a bit of sparkle. Finished in dazzling discs; this iridescent kimono is just the thing to throw over a bralet and shorts combo. Aztec denim jacket Even though bodysuits and crop tops are a must at festivals; this Aztec denim jacket is the only thing you’ll be reaching... Read More


The Golden Rules Of Dating

Let’s face it; dating is HARD! So anything you can do to make the first face-to-face encounter a stress-free one, is going to help.   Don’t talk about ex’s First dates are not for talking about past relationships; we repeat, NOT! This comes a lot later. So for now, just sit back, relax, and enjoy being blissfully unaware of their ex’s Instagram name…   Ignore the wedding bells in your head Don’t be too keen. You might think they’re the one, but that’s just the prosecco talking. Give it more... Read More


Men And Women Who Changed The World

We don’t just celebrate the power of women here at Little Mistress, we celebrate everyone. So instead of just looking into some of the world’s most influential women, we’ve credited the men out there, too.   Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale did more than just help sick people get better; she changed the face of nursing forever! Managing the care of British soldiers wounded in the Crimean War, Nightingale quickly changed the unsanitary condition of hospitals into a much cleaner one. Nicknamed ‘The Lady Of The Lamp,’ she would often visit... Read More


Physical Symptoms Of Stress

Life can be tough at times; we can all get a little tired and overwhelmed. So that’s why it’s important to keep your mental wellbeing in-check and look out for these tell-tale physical signs your body is stressed.   Jaw clenching You might not even realising you’re doing it; but stress and anxiety can cause facial pain and headaches just by clenching your jaw. Whether it happens in your sleep, or concentrating under intense pressure; teeth grinding can be a physical manifestation of stress.   Chest pain and heart palpitations... Read More

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International Women’s Day 2018: These Girls CAN!

These girls CAN! Here at Little Mistress we are all about the girl power so to mark International Women’s Day we’ve caught with Team LM to ask, what woman do you most admire and why? Here’s what they had to say.. AMY  Buyer/Product Developer LINDSEY Digital Content Writer & Marketing Assistant ALEX Senior Graphic Designer ROSIE Buyer CHARLOTTE Social Media Manager SARAH Garment Technologist ADAM Garment Technologist REA Head of E-commerce SARAH E-commerce Admin Assistant PRERNA Junior Graphic Designer Here’s to you girls! Happy International Women’s Day! #GirlsSupportGirls