Find Love For Christmas

Find love for Christmas with a little help from our friend, dating and relationship expert, Dr Pam Spurr! If a festive romance is on your Christmas wish-list this season, it’s time to take note as Dr Pam guides us through her seven steps for seasonal dating success! Get your mulled wine and mistletoe at the ready girls and get that party ready look prepped, it’s time to spread some good, flirty cheer..

Find Love For Christmas!

By dating and relationship expert Dr Pam Spurr, on Twitter @drpamspurr  and online

If you’re happy being single, then Christmas is chockful of festive fun with loads of drinks-things, events and club nights. You can party the night away then head home alone or with that Christmas ‘cracker’ you pulled.

But if looking for love, it can feel nightmarish. Any fears you’ll never meet ‘the one’ intensify when it seems like loved-up couples are hogging the Christmas cheer.

Fear not, the festive season’s a great time to meet people. One dating survey found nearly 25% of singles met their match while mixing over the mulled wine. Getting in the right mind-set starts now.

Try These Seven Steps for Seasonal Success:

*Plenty of good cheer

From now on, go out with the right attitude – one full of Christmas cheer – even in November. Don’t let the stress of planning ahead to Christmas, buying a zillion gifts, wrapping, cooking, prepping, etc., stop you having a fun, flirty and friendly vibe.

It’s the perfect time now to put yourself up for organising upcoming office events, charity things, pub nights, etc. Being at the centre of the action means you meet more people.

* The gift that keeps giving – Christmas events

I don’t care if you have a head cold or had a hard week at work, never, ever turn down invites to festive parties. Party season only comes ‘round once – put your feet up after Christmas.

Say Yes to drinks, carol concerts, parties, get-togethers and more. Every event – no matter how small – is an opportunity to meet a ‘Mr Potential’.

*Dump Your Christmas ‘Wish List’

Time to dump your usual dating checklist – now – in the run up to the Christmas season! You miss so many potentially great guys by sticking to your boyfriend-wish-list.

If you’re always attracted to the ‘life and soul’ of the party – the confident, maybe even arrogant guys – give quieter/shyer ones a chance. Chat to men outside your usual type and being loved-up by Christmas becomes a real possibility.

* Sparkle at new places

We all have fave places, but you’re bound to always see familiar faces in them. Make it your motto to ‘go to new places to meet new faces’. With most pubs and clubs having Christmas events it’s the perfect time to find new hangouts.

*Use Christmas cheer for chatting up

You can use the cover of Christmas cheer as a great excuse to make the first move. Women should feel confident to do so anyway! But at Christmas, everyone’s in good spirits and open to friendly flirts.

So don’t be shy, if you clock an attractive guy, go up and wish him a Merry Christmas.

*Get in the Christmas spirit – This is the perfect time to wear sparkly, glittery dresses that make you feel happy just slipping into them. Paired with some glam gold, silver or metallic heels and you look and feel fabulous.

Plus mind any nervous/stiff body language as you strut into a party. It’s Christmas so relax and bolster your self-belief. Go out with good, confident posture, and give off warm smiles. Letting yourself shine is like bottled attractiveness.

*Slay with a sleigh-full of possibilities

Those single – and with the least success – are those who think singles events at Christmas are for losers. Or they give the thumbs-down to joining dating websites or apps.

Yes, you get lots of moronic men on these but great ones, too. Never limit your possibilities! You can slay at singles events – and the more the merrier – take a friend or two along to boost your confidence.

Happy hunting this holiday season, Pam x

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