How to dress for Christmas this year

We don’t like to talk about 2020, but we can all admit we missed out last Christmas on some of our favourite traditions like showing off our Christmas party dresses, sipping on themed cocktails and singing out that Mariah Carey tune at the top of our lungs. This year we’re making up for lost time to Make Christmas the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Again.

From must-have party dresses and trendy colours and styles to make-up trends to bring the whole look together, our Christmas party style guide will help you get ready for all of your holiday parties this season.

Dress to Impress…

Whether it’s the office party, a Christmas-themed night out with friends, or Christmas Day itself, you want a look that wows and makes you feel your best. It’s time to come out of our hibernation in loungewear and make a statement that we’re ready to make the ’20s roar again. That’s why one of this season’s key trends is a bold pop of colour.

Check out our Christmas party dresses and jumpsuits below for a little window shopping inspiration.

Shine bright and bold

Don’t be the wallflower; be the flower in the middle of the room that everyone has to stop and look at, dazzled by its bright colours and delicate style. This season’s trending colour is anything that pops. Oversaturated, bright colours are taking us away from the more muted styles of the past 18 months, a sign that we are ready to get back to our glam selves.

That means wearing bright reds, pinks, greens, yellows, purples, etc. And a dash of sequins, ruffles, or other textures, just adds that extra bit of drama to make you stand out. There is nowhere to hide with these styles, but we can guarantee it will boost your confidence to stand out in any room.

Sparkle in sequins

Sequin dresses are a holiday staple for a reason. It’s the time of year where you want to sparkle like tinsel and dazzle like the star you are. And with a light homage to the art deco embellishments of the first roaring ’20s, Christmas 2021 is the perfect time to get the party started for the rest of the decade.

You can go for the classic black and shimmer style or tick two trends off by making those colours bolder with a sparkly detail.

Pair these outfits with a pair of statement earrings like these chainmail drop earrings and a metallic stiletto to get you shining from head to toe.

Look smooth in velvet

Velvet dresses are perfect to add a bit of drama and luxury to your Christmas looks. Whether it’s crushed velvet, smooth, black or crimson, you can never go wrong with this Christmas classic.

We definitely love the feather trim on the velvet little black dress-it combines three of our favourite trends for winter of any year really. We’ve seen many celebrities don a playful feather trim on the red carpet this season, so you’ll definitely want to consider it for your Christmas party dress.

Sing in Angelic Ruffles

Ruffles are great for a daytime look to add a bit of romance–after all Christmas is the most romantic time of year rivalling V-Day. We recommend mixing red and ruffles to really get the depth of red hues, giving you that added movement. And who doesn’t love a matching bright red lippy at Christmas?

The reds above play into all of the trending hues at the moment. Bright red is having a moment, making the statement that we’re all back and ready to party. The second dress taps into the purple trend. Whilst not strictly the regal hue, it’s perfect to complement those with cooler skin undertones that need warming up. Lastly, there’s the red rust dress that perfectly takes us from autumn to winter especially with a golden heel.

And then let the face do all the talking

Whether it’s holiday parties, family time, or even to get in the festive spirit during a Christmas movie marathon at home, there are some simple and stunning ways to look the part this Christmas. We spoke with makeup experts Christine Sharpe and Lucy Roberts at False Eyelashes on how to get the perfect holiday look.

It’s all about the base

Before you get your glitter and colourful makeup out, you want to make sure they don’t all run and clash together. Investing in quality sweat proof foundation is a must. Try dusting a layer of translucent powder on top of your primer before putting on your foundation. Add another light layer of powder on top at the end for added insurance that you won’t sweat your look away during your dance marathon.

Glitter accents

When you’re not shimmering in sequins (or maybe you are going for the full glitter ball look), adding a bit of sparkle to your makeup is a go-to for a reason. Transform your eyelids into little festive party decorations with a swipe of chunky glitter (cosmetic, of course, not the craft kind).

Leave the rest of your face simple with a matte finish to let your eye makeup shine. The whole point is to show off those eyes. The glitter will catch everyone’s attention, and you’ll be shining bright in this look.

Warm up with a burgundy lip

It would be wrong not to include red lipstick on this list. But to help make it stand out more, experiment with a few different shades of satin lipsticks and creamy pencils to enhance the shape of your lips while creating dimension.

Since burgundy lip colours tend to draw all the attention to itself, make sure to apply a good wine or maroon-coloured lip liner before applying lipstick. This will help you get the precise shape of the lips and prevent any mistakes in outlining — and help prevent lipstick running above the lip through the night!

Baby it’s smokey outside

Leave your wings for angels and go for the viral smokey liner trend. Line your eyes as you would normally but buff out the harsh edges with a blending brush for a more sultry and glam look. Add a pair of your favourite false eyelashes to complete the dramatic look. This look especially complements those bolder outfits to make them perfect for nighttime soirees.

Check out our Christmas 2021 collection for more inspiration and shop our full range for all of your holiday parties and events this season!

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