The Ultimate Sexiest Man

Valentine’s Day is a day for friendly love, romantic love, and most of all love of treats. At Little Mistress, we definitely have a sweet tooth which is why we decided to see what the UK’s and the world’s favourite eye candy would look like. Whether it’s who we envisioned marrying in a lavish Hollywood-approved wedding or a poster backdrop in our teenage rooms growing up, we all have had that quintessential celebrity crush. 

Looking at popularity and searches around different celebrity heartthrobs that have been crowned PEOPLE’s “Sexiest Man Alive” over the past 37 years to see what the UK and the world really finds to be the most attractive features to recreate our own Sexiest Man Alive.

Where to find the perfect man

PEOPLE magazine’s first Sexiest Man Alive was crowned in 1985 and went to Mel Gibson. Over the course of the past 30+ years, there have been 33 different winners with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, and Richard Gere all repeat winners (although Richard’s first win was for sexiest couple alongside then-girlfriend, Cindy Crawford). Looking at place of birth, height, and star signs, we found that the sexiest man is most likely to stand at 5’11”, born in California (although the UK was a close second) and is a Capricorn. That means those who are Virgo, Taurus or even Capricorns themselves, are a perfect match for the sexiest men. 

We then dove into the most popular searches around the different winners to determine which features Brits love the most to recreate what the perfect man would look like. Scroll to see more…

He’s a looker isn’t he? With Dwayne Johnson abs and Chris Hemsworth’s luscious locks, it’s hard to look away. 

We also compared who the most popular sexiest men winners were in the UK and abroad. Although widely similar, James Bond made it to the top of the UK list, tied with Johnny Depp. World No. 2 Brad Pitt failed to make the top 5 in the UK, edged out to No. 6 instead. 

Finding the perfect woman

Unfortunately, there was not enough information to recreate the sexiest woman alive in the same way. However, the research did reveal some interesting patterns as well.

Basing the list on Maxim’s Sexiest Woman Alive winners since 2000, we found that the perfect woman is born in New York (with California still a close second), is 5’7” and is a Sagittarius. That means if you’re an Aries, Gemini or a Leo, you’re in good stead for compatibility.

We did, however, look at which of Maxim’s sexiest women were most popular around the world. Taylor Swift dominated both the global and UK lists. Olivia Wilde and Miley swapped places on the lists and Jessica Alba tied with Miley for 3rd place in the UK, knocking Katy Perry off the list entirely. 

What do you think of the lists? Do you totally have the hots for our ultimate Sexiest Man Alive? Who do you think is missing from the list? Let us know on our Instagram.


Little Mistress used Semrush for UK search data and ahrefs for Global search volume data. IMDb provided information on date of birth and birthplace. All celebrities featured were taken from PEOPLE and Maxim’s Sexiest Man and Woman Alive lists, respectively.

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