5 TikTok tricks for bridesmaids makeup

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of being a bridesmaid aside from the dress, is getting the makeup right on the big day. Whether you’re doing it yourself or getting it done professionally, it’s important to get some of the basics right and make sure that the look serves you as best as it can. After all, those photos are going to last forever and you don’t want them to haunt you.

Little Mistress has culled through TikTok to bring you five of our favourite face-forward tips and tricks so that the camera loves you as much as you love it. 

1. Moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise.

Before putting on any bit of makeup, you need to make sure that your face has enough moisture so that the makeup neither cakes nor breaks throughout the long day. That means getting into a routine well before the day of the wedding. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and know what products work for your skin to get it glowing. We can’t all prevent spots and blemishes, but we do have control over the moisture. 

@kelseygriffinn easy bridesmaid makeup🤗 #makeuptutorial #bridesmaidmakeup ♬ original sound – Kelsey Griffin

However, beware of SPF on the day of. As user @kelseygriffinn notes in her video, wearing SPF can be controversial because of flashback in photos. Zinc oxide and titanium oxide in SPF is what reflects back sunlight, so can theoretically affect the camera flash as well. So watch out that your moisturising creams and foundations don’t carry that unless you want a ghostly shine.

2. Add some extra blush

Camera flash is a big consideration the day of the wedding, especially as you transition from day to night. To make sure you don’t get washed out by the flash add more blush than you would typically, says @kelseygriffinn. Bronzer is also good to help warm up your face for all the photos. Just don’t want to go to far and become clownish…

3. Conceal the right way

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Concealer works two ways. It helps brighten up your eyes and get rid of dark circles, but can also help cover up your spots. That being said, just because a concealer can do two jobs, doesn’t mean they are the same type of concealer. @paintedbyciara warns viewers to not use the same concealer on spots as they do for under the eyes. Instead make sure to wear a darker concealer for spots so as not to accidentally highlight them in the photos! Otherwise all your effort is for nought. 

With all the stress around the big day, your skin could have a bit of a freakout itself no matter how well you moisturise and take care of your skin. However, there are some ways to make your makeup work for you to still look flawless on the day. 

4. Stop that eye run on the day

@makeupandmeg I feel like we’ve all experienced the dreaded running liner😩 #eyeliner #makeup #makeuptips #makeuptutorial #megfixmymakeup ♬ original sound – Meg Nickerson

You will inevitably need some makeup retouching, but there are ways to keep your look going longer without having smudges and runs potentially showing up in photos.

@makeupandmeg has the perfect hack to keep your eye liner from running and smudging at the corners (and with the nude or clear liner in the corner, no one will know your trick!).

And if you are wanting to add a bit more drama to the eyes with fake lashes, make sure to get the practice in.Less stress on the day is essential to making sure the day is enjoyable. 

@makeupandmeg says there’s no issue in using mascara, but definitely don’t try to add fake lashes yourself for the first time on the day of the wedding. You need to make sure your makeup is in tip top shape for the whole day and the last thing you want is an eyelash hanging off in pictures or falling off on the dance floor.

5. Now try the reverse

@paintedbyspencer Reply to @katerinasmind I hope this helps! ❤️👨🏻‍🎨 #fypシ #foryou #FerragamoLetsDance #makeup ♬ original sound – Tik Toker

Cat eye has been a makeup favourite to add a little bit of glam that anyone can do. But how about trying something a little bit different, but still familiar? The reverse cat eye has been trending on TikTok (thanks to @paintedbyspencer) for a while now and we love this for a night-time soiree. It’s sultry and dramatic…and looks great in photos. The cat eye works well across different eye types (here’s a handy guide from Bobbi Brown), but it’s time to flip the script and have people talking about the makeup as much as the hair and dress!

Wedding day makeup can be a bit overwhelming, but getting picture perfect doesn’t have to be if you get the basics right so that you can add an element of intrigue like the reverse cat eye. Much like finding the right bridesmaid dresses, it’s about getting the makeup that fits the bridesmaid rather than having the bridesmaid fit the dress. TikTok is a great way to find inspiration and learn how to get the look right so that even the bridal party is putting pictures up in their homes. 

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