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Born in the summer of 2012, British bag brand Mi-Pac are already one of the UK's leading accessory brands. By combining fashion and function, they are re-defining the way we buy the classic backpack. The initial concept behind the brand was to take a staple item and add an innovative twist, turning the classic backpack into an affordable, fashion accessory.   The bags themselves are available in an array of different colours and a multitude of custom patterns, prints and designs. Mi-Pac continues to experiment with materials and finishes using garment fabric, to keep ahead of the fast moving, high street trends.



Creativity is at the heart of everything Mi-Pac represents. At our core we value individuality and freedom of expression. Our range of accessories are designed to express your personal style, through a wide palette of colours, patterns and fabrics. We are proud of our bags and continue to innovate with new and exciting designs each season.